Kettleburgh Parish Council

A Parish Council is the most locally elected body within the English system of local government.  Most parish councils were formed by the Local Government Act in 1894 and they look after the interests of those who live within the parish.

More information on local councils in England, the role of local councillors and what you need to do if you would like to stand as a candidate in local parish or town council elections is available in the Booklets and Resources section on the National Association of Local Councils web site.

Kettleburgh Parish Council is the first tier of a three tier system of local government, with Suffolk Coastal District Council and Suffolk County Council being the next two tiers, all elected by people within the region.

Kettleburgh Parish Council has eight members elected every four years, the most recent election was held on the 7th May 2015.

The Council employs a Clerk, who is also the Responsible Finance Officer.

The Council has a set of rules called Standing Orders by which the Council, its elected Members and its Officers conduct their activities. 

The role of the Parish Council is to represent the local community, provide services to meet local needs and improve quality of life and community well being.

The Parish Council meets every three months.  Meetings are held in the Village Hall, usually on Thursdays begining at 7:30pm.  Before the Council meeting starts there is an open session when parishioners are invited to raise any issues of interest or concern. You may also have the opportunity to talk to your County Councillor, and Christopher Hudson or Paul Rous, your District Councillors.  Members of the public are always welcome to attend.

To be kept in touch with parish council business and other items that the parish council is requested to diseminate please email the Clerk requesting that your email address be added to the Parish Email Distribution List. Your can request your email address be removed at any time.

Your  Parish Councillors and how to contact them:

John Bater

Church Farm

Denis Brooks

Orchard End
Church Road

Tim Chase

Home Farm
Brandeston Road

Rowena Edmondson

Red Barn
Framlingham Road

Heidi Finbow

Medlar Cottage
The Street

Nick Hulme

Copyhold Cottage
Low Street

Trevor Jessop

The Old Brewhouse
Easton Road

Judy Moorhouse

Brunswick Farm
Rectory Road


Useful contact details:

Parish Clerk: Martin Sims

County Councillor: Robin Vickery

District Councillors: Christopher Hudson and Paul Rous


Community Police Officer: Mark Bryant

Police Community Support Officer: Christian Hassler

Neighbourhood Watch: Post Currently Vacant, if you are interested in this role please contact the Parish Clerk.

Police and Crime Commissioner: Tim Passmore


Suffolk Coastal District Council

Councillors' Register of Interest forms

Suffolk County Council

Report a Highways Problem to Suffolk County Council

Police and Crime Commissioner