What is this page for?

This page in part takes the place of the previous Welcome Pack and is intended to provide information for residents new and established about the services provided to you by national, county, district and local providers.  If you provide a service, its not here and you'd like it to be, or there is an error in the information, contact the Clerk.

Inclusion of a local enterprise or comercial concern does not imply any recommendation, guarantee, assurance or favouritism.  Exclusion is not a deliberate act.  If as a consumer you have any evidence-based concerns about a service, or any information is out of date, again, contact the Clerk, whose decision on inclusion is final.


Non emergency, ring 101. In a real emergency always ring 999.

Permanently manned local police stations are now rare, and the stations at Woodbridge and Saxmundham are not permanently manned.  We are covered by the Leiston Safer Neighbourhood team (SNT), part of the Halesworth 'locality'.  The SNTs for the East, West and South of Suffolk produce an update 'magazine' called Constable's County.

There is a national police website that gives you a wide-ranging insight into how policing works and publishes crime figures by area - www.police.uk  

Police Connect is a free messaging service connecting you to the latest policing news for your area via e-mail, text or phone.  You can register for this service by contacting Suffolk Police, see their website for more information  www.suffolk.police.uk

Email: framlingham.snt@suffolk.pnn.police.uk

Kettleburgh Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator

[None at the moment - are you tempted?  Its a worthwhile and satisfying role - let us know!]

xxxxxxxxx is the local Co-ordinator/advisor

Tel: 01728 xxxxxx
Email: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Suffolk County Council (SCC) is responsible for public highways, which includes roads, lanes and byways, along with the 'furniture' alongside.  You can find out more on the SCC highways section of the SCC website. 

Do note that you have to report highways issues such as potholes and obstructions to SCC, not the Parish Council or District Council.  Just go to the Highways reporting page

Public Rights of Way including Footpaths

You also have to report Public Rights of Way issues such as blockages and broken stiles to SCC, not the Parish Council or District Council.  Just go to the PRoW reporting page.

Beyond that, there's quite a bit to be said about this subject, so it has its own page.

Waterways, Flooding and Water Management

Kettleburgh has many waterways large (the Deben) and small, and a history of flooding, some serious flood events.  If you become aware of any flooding, use the SCC page Report a flood in Suffolk to alert the authorities. 

If it's an emergency, e.g. if a road needs to be closed, call SCC's Customer Services on 0345 606 6171. Out of hours still call that number, but you'll be connected to Suffolk Highways. 

If you've been affected by a flood, there are national government advice and numbers for urgent enquiries and advice on what to do after a flood.  This gives guidance for clearing up, getting the evidence for insurance claims, and support for those who don't have insurance.

After a flood, you can stay healthy by:

  • not using tap water if you notice a change in the colour, taste or smell - contact your water company if this happens
  • not eating food that’s touched flood water
  • throwing away food from a fridge if the electricity has been off for more than 4 hours
  • throwing away food from a freezer if the electricity has been off for more than 24 hours

There is national guidance about food safety after a flood from the Food Standards Agency.

FloodRe is a government approved partnership scheme to help reduce the burden of increased insurance costs on homeowners. You can find more information about it, other partnerships and how flooding is managed as a whole in Suffolk by going to the SCC Flood Management webpage.

Kettleburgh Parish Council is working towards a local Flood Management Plan for the village that should link into the higher level plans in due course.

Electricity Supply

To report power cuts, whoever you buy electricity from, use 105 - the dedicated free national phone number.

This is also the right number if you come across damage to electricity power lines and substations that endangers people. If there’s a serious immediate risk, you should also call the emergency services.

Dialling 105 will put you through to your local electricity network operator - the company that manages the cables, power lines and substations that deliver electricity into homes and businesses in their area.  This is different from whichever company is managing your billing and metering.

You can also contact your electricity network operator about other things by normal phone, their website, or via social media.

If you're a vulnerable customer, you can sign up to the Priority Services Register.

Gas and Oil

(to be added - are there oil syndicates?  Let us know)

Waste and Recycling

East Suffolk District Council (ESDC) manages refuse, including recycling and local collection.

ESDC's waste management page provides all you need to know on the subject. To report problems such as Bottle Banks overflowing onto open ground, or fly tipping, use their 'Contact us' link on that page.

The big thing to remember, is that any 'contamination' found in recycling will result in a whole batch being rejected, wasting your efforts and lots of other people's.  So do make sure what you put in recycling is clean, with no food, drink or chemical leftovers and no non-recyclable materials.  Please please have a good look at the advice on ESDC's website (link above).

Our regular waste collection day is Tuesday.  Recyclables are collected one week and non-recyclables the next.  There are recycling centres for large amounts and specialist items that can't be put in your roadsite bin, such as plastic film, fats/oils, batteries and electronic devices, at Stowmarket, Foxhall and Leiston.

There are Bottle and Clothes Banks in the car park of The Chequers. 

Mobile Library

Every other Tuesday 3.40—4.00 pm, corner of Church Road.

Doctor's Surgeries

Framlingham Medical Practice - Pembroke Road, Framlingham, IP13 9HA.  01728 723627.  
Earl Soham Surgery (subsidiary) - Glebe Cottage, Main Street, Earl Soham, IP13 7SF.  01728 685325
Wickham Market Medical Centre - Chapel Lane, Wickham Market, IP13 0SB.  01728 747101.


Easton Pre-school

Easton Primary School

Little Oaks (Badingham Play School) (Dennington)

Charsfield Primary School

Framlingham Sir Robert Hitchams Primary School

Thomas Mills Framlingham

Framlingham College (private) and Framlingham College Prep School (Brandeston Hall) (private)

St Felix (Reydon) (private)


[to be added]


Details of Bus Timetables and updates can be found from Suffolk on Board

The latest position for routes 118 and 119 can be found in the Ipswich Central to Framlingham 118 119 timetable


Stowe Vets;  Framlingham and Earl Soham Vets;  Castle Veterinary Group

Pub and B&B

The Chequers Inn 01728 723760


DC Patrick - 01728 724414

The Village Shop Campsea Ash - 01728 746393


Milk & More

Fresh Fish

[Max's van calls Tuesday afternoon about 4-5:00pm outside Little Manor, Brandeston Road - this information may be out of date - do you know?  Let us know]

Framlingham Market, Saturday mornings.

Caravan Sites

Church Farm (Caravan Club Certificated) + Fresh Eggs:  Anne & John Bater - Church Farm, Church Road, Kettleburgh 01728 723532, Email: jbater@suffolkonline.net.